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Anonymous asked: have you met one direction?

All 4 of them: north, East, South and west :)

Anonymous asked: how tall are you?


Anonymous asked: hey fliss. how have you been? all good?

yes thankyou!

courtneystyles asked: You're absolutely gorgeous i am insanely jealous! :)

are you kidding me? i’m nothing to be jealous of!

upperclass-corruption asked: Fliss, you are such a wonderful person! I feel like I can look up to someone like you who will go out of their way to make sure everyone's alright whether they be just down the street or across seas! You really are a great, and truly amazing person! :)xx

aw thankyou xx

treatingly asked: hi fliss, idk if your on tumblr often but i really need someone to talk to & i think your the perfect person. i already tweeted you but you haven't responded. i really would love to talk when you have a chance. i have things to vent about. ok ily xoxo

whats up? thankyou xx

endor-fit-deactivated20141005 asked: Hey there! Discovered your tumblr today, and as I was going through it, I realized the last few posts were slightly concerning. You seem upset. I'm not sure if they're just posts or they meant something, but know I'm always here to listen if you need me to. It's no strings attached, whenever thing. I'll probably reply quick too since I don't have much to do haha and I give pretty good advice. And even if there's nothing going on, feel free to stop by and have a chat or share a joke or something.

hiya, thanks for your concern, i was going through a bit of a tough time haha but things are all good now thankyou! i’m not sure when you sent this and I rarely use tumblr but thanks all the same! hope you’re ok xxx